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Summer Travel – Great Travel Destinations in Europe

Planning to travel to Europe? You will appreciate the unique sites and attractions in some of the world’s most coveted destinations. See this list to help you plan your next trip.

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Boasting some of the world’s most famous art galleries and palaces, it’s no surprise that the historically and culturally rich city of Florence is regarded by many as the art capital of Italy. (After all, such historic figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Galileo Galilei were either born in or made their homes here.) Among the city’s more notable galleries is The Gallery of the Accademia di Belle Arti, which has housed Michaelangelo’s David sculpture since 1873. And if you’re looking to get your shop on, this is the place to be! World-famous fashion boutiques from Armani to Bulgari line Via de’ Tornabuoni, one of the city’s best spots for upscale shopping. You’ll also encounter some open-air markets that sell budget-friendly food, clothing and antiques.

Alternatively, you can amble through Boboli Gardens, which features lush landscaping, beautiful waterfalls and centuries-old sculptures. The park also makes an ideal place to take in picturesque views of Florence. Several hotels lie in or near the city’s centre, from Residence San Niccolo to Mulino di Firenze.

Paris, France

Just as the Statue of Liberty is inextricably tied to New York City, Paris is synonymous with the iconic 1,063-foot-tall Eiffel Tower, only a short stroll from Paris Eiffel Cambronne. But there’s a lot more to Paris than this towering structure. With 8.5 visitors in 2009, the Louvre topped the list of the world’s most visited museums. (The aforementioned British Museum came in second with 5.93 million visitors.) Boasting Art Deco architecture, the 2,800-seat Le Grand Rex is the largest theatre and music venue in all of Paris. And approximately 20 miles from the centre of Paris sits Disneyland Paris, which comprises two theme parks as well as a dining, retail and entertainment district. Hotels including Hotel California Paris and Hotel Keppler lie near Champs-Elysees, a world-renowned avenue known for its cafes and specialty shops.

Barcelona, Spain

If you’re looking to get a tan this summer, look no further than Spain’s charming capital. Its seven pristine beaches – the largest and most frequented being the Barceloneta and Sant Sebastia beaches – span nearly three miles of coastline. Plaça de Catalunya, a large, bustling square in central Barcelona, offers a range of theatres, restaurants, shopping centres and hotels, including H10 Catalunya Plaza. There is no shortage of greenery here, as Barcelona contains more than 60 parks. You’ll find some of the city’s finest shopping centres, shops, restaurants and theatres along Avinguda Diagonal, which diagonally crosses the city and essentially cuts it in two. What’s more, HCC Covadonga and the 4-star Hesperia Sagrada Familia Sport & Spa make two easily accessible lodging options.

Whether you’re big on art, history, nature, or sunbathing, Europe has something for every taste. Why limit yourself to admiring Europe’s amazing sites and attractions via magazine pictures and glossy postcards sent to you from well-travelled friends? Pack your bags and cure your European wanderlust by experiencing in person all these magical cities have to offer.